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12.0 Appropriate Papers for Verifying Employment Authorization and Identification

12.0 Appropriate Papers for Verifying Employment Authorization and Identification

This part provides numerous examples of papers through the Form I-9 Lists of appropriate papers that a worker might present to determine their employment identity and authorization. Nevertheless, this part will not offer most of the variants of a specific document, and new variations of a document could become available directly after we publish this handbook. We usually do not expect one to be a document specialist, but we do expect one to reasonably accept documents that appear become genuine and also to relate solely to anyone presenting them.

A worker must provide a document or mix of documents from List A (which will show both identification and work authorization) or one document from List B (which will show identification) and another document from List C (which ultimately shows work authorization) or a receipt that is acceptable of papers within three company times of the date work with pay starts. The worker that displays a receipt must provide the document that is actual the receipt validity period stops, or if they get the document, whichever comes first. Don’t require a member of staff whom presents a List A document to provide List B and List C documents.

Don’t require a worker whom presents List B and List C papers to provide bookofmatchescom support an inventory A document.

You can’t accept a receipt showing the worker has sent applications for a grant that is initial of authorization. Additionally you cannot accept receipts if work is actually for not as much as three business times. For a summary of appropriate receipts for Form I-9, see Table 1 in area 4.3, appropriate Receipts.