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Dating and Speed Dating is a numbers game.

Dating and Speed Dating is a numbers game.

Our company is really strict regarding the age brackets. As some age brackets do overlap and you also like to go to two occasions of a new age, please e-mail us for advice or a two occasions price that is special. Usually the dudes have been in the upper end associated with the bracket together with girls have reached the low end associated with the bracket, nonetheless we do check out the many years of each and every occasion to be sure they’re not too lopsided.

We do often provide for more youthful consumers to attend a age that is certain, but they are more strict with older consumers hoping to get into meet someone more youthful. If in doubt please email us first.

Age brackets are place in for reasons, from attending any future events with us if you deliberately try and book into a younger event, we may ban you. Our age brackets have not changed an excessive amount of over time.

We guarantee no less than 15 times.