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What’s this stuff appearing out of my vagina after non-safe sex?

What’s this stuff appearing out of my vagina after non-safe sex?

The absolute most most likely possibility is that what you are seeing appearing out of your vagina is actually semen: the intimate fluid which holds semen.

The vagina is not a bottomless pit: it concludes because of the cervix, the beds base associated with womb. The opening towards the cervix — called the os — is extremely little. It could dilate to a much bigger size whenever an individual is likely to deliver a child, is dilated for surgical procedures by a healthcare provider, plus it does get a bit that is little during peak times in your fertility period — it is a tad bit more available during menstruation and ovulation — but general, it’s really teeny.

Sperm will get during that opening, because they’re microscopically little, as well as some germs, along with your menstrual fluids can make their solution, but semen in general, doesn’t get in there. It shall pool in your vagina whenever ejaculated, and then go out afterward. Lots of that may take place within a hours that are few, nevertheless the vagina cleans it self in a cycle of each and every couple of days, in order to frequently see (and odor) some different-looking discharges from your own typical for two days after unsafe sex. Often, people that are attempting to be expect that is pregnant for maternity to occur, all of that semen has to remain in the vagina. Whatever they’re lacking is that sperm is the significant section of semen with pregnancy: the others of the liquids are simply here to help keep semen viable and also to assist have it into the cervical opening. This means, semen is simply simply providing semen a ride: it does not have to hang in there as soon as it falls the semen down.

Of course, too, if you are making use of a lubricant, that will additionally be released, and there is your very own normal discharges which make their solution also that you’re most likely currently accustomed seeing.