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Knight of Pentacles! Can I interpret the Knight of Pentacles as individual B?

Knight of Pentacles! Can I interpret the Knight of Pentacles as individual B?

Sorry to put up another thread about Knight of Pentacles

I am doing a spread that is relationship/feeling a friend.

Issue ended up being: so how exactly does person a feel about individual B in the last,present and future?

The Knight of Pentacles ended up being drawn. I am aware that the Knight of Pentacles usally represents an individual, but, in an atmosphere spread, could I interpret it as:

*Person A is experiencing faithful and persistent toward individual B. *stays fixed to a plumped for course (person B)

*Person B is a knight regarding the Pentacles within the standpoint of Person A

Interestingly, each one of these 3 cards have defined individual numbers, child with a blade, magician, and a knight, therefore does it appear to be more appropriate to interpret the cards when you look at the way that is second?

Past=Page of Swords, Present=The Magician, Future=Knight of Pentacles Should this be viewed as a positive spread?

Used to do another spread for the exact same individuals but one other means around :

How exactly does individual B experience individual A?

2 Wands, Knight of Pentacles (AGAIN!), Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)

very interesting isn’t it?

Hi sadboy. Let me reveal my feeling regarding your throw. You asked exactly how Person A felt about individual B. consequently, all three cards are about individual A.

You are able to probably repeat this without roles (in other terms. Last, Present, Future) all though it generally does not harm to take action: