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Without a doubt on how to Disable Bluetooth automated Playback on any Android Phone

Without a doubt on how to Disable Bluetooth automated Playback on any Android Phone

Have actually you ever connected your phone to your chosen speaker that is bluetooth automobile kit and discovered that applications like Bing Enjoy musical, Pandora, or Soundcloud immediately start playing?

This can be quite annoying for all those users that would like to pick their particular favored application for news playback. Regrettably, unless your unique Bluetooth unit permits one to disable auto-play, then there’s small can help you to stop the playback demand being delivered to your unit.

You may have come across a few pages that suggest a rather crude method to solve this issue if you search for solutions to this problem on the web. It involves going to the Bluetooth profiles settings web page for every particular Bluetooth unit and disabling the media profile that is audio. I call this a “crude” solution because, although it does avoid auto-playback, you must manually return back and re-enable this profile if your wanting to may use your Bluetooth device for news playback once more.

But, there is an improved technique that can be used to resolve this issue. Then you’ve probably already guessed that this involves the use of Tasker if you’ve read any of my previous tutorials. This time around, however, you may not need certainly to utilize just about any application/plug-in, while the option would be fairly easy to implement also for novice Tasker users. Listed here is just just how it’ll work.

Understanding Bluetooth Autoplay on Android Os

exactly What basically occurs whenever you link a device that is bluetooth sends an autoplay demand is the fact that this demand sometimes appears being a KeyEvent for toggle play/pause in Android os.